Bee Hive Homes Testimonials

“I’ve lived in other facilities. After moving to Beehive I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Everyone is so caring.”
-Adrian Herbert

“In 1989, she went to bed and there she stayed… now she eats solid food three times a day at the table with others… she is now interacting… this is amazing. She is staying up most of the day and sleeping all night, truly outstanding!”
– Timothy C. Huitt

“I felt my father was well taken care of. The home was clean and well run. I felt there were some services Beehive did which others might not have done. They did their best. I was impressed.”
– Reba Farmer

“I like it here. I had to go away, but I wanted to come back. They are efficient and take good care of me.”
– Lois Little

“Bee Hive was like a family. It made a difference to grandma. They all went out to make her feel wanted.”
– Mr. & Mrs. Lavell Rich

“I am pleased. They put a lot of work into running it here. Each of us takes a different range of care, and the employees work hard for each of us.”
– Joe Rorabaugh