About BeeHive Homes

BeeHive Homes are found throughout the intermountain west and even back east with over 40 homes in Utah. BeeHive Homes is a franchise that was started over 25 years ago in Idaho because a son and a brother-in-law did not want to put their mother in a traditional nursing home. So they bought a home, remodeled it and hired someone to provide live-in care for their mother. There were a couple of extra rooms vacant in the home and they figured that they might be able to rent out those rooms.

Almost by accident, the founders of BeeHive Homes found that there was an interest by families looking for a place where they could have their loved one well taken care of; and even by individuals looking for their own care. It was from those humble beginnings that BeeHive Homes Assisted Living  was born.

Home Sweet Home

BeeHive Homes created an environment which was more friendly and closer resembled regular home living than traditional facilities. For many of us in the baby boomer generation, we’ve had someone who was in a nursing home. We don’t want to leave our loved ones in a traditional nursing home with the smells and worries that our loved ones will not be cared for in a manner to which they are accustomed.